Patron Saint

St. Therese of Lisieux-Patron Saint of St.Teresa’s Church

1873 Age 0 January 2
January 4
Born and named: Marie-Françoise-Thérèse Martin.
Baptism, eldest sister Marie as her Godmother.
1877 Age 4 August 28 Therese’s mom dies.
    November 15 Therese and her sisters arrives Lisieux.
1879 Age 6 Summer Foresees her father’s painful, suffering trial in a prevision.
    Year End Receives the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.
1882 Age 9 October 2 Second sister Pauline enters the Carmelite monastery.
    December Suffers from continual headaches and insomnia.
1883 Age 10 May 13 Feast of Pentecost: Therese is cured by the Virgin Mary’s smile.
    August 22 Meets Father Pichon for the first time.
1884 Age 11 May 5~8
May 5
June 14
First Holy Communion Retreat.
Therese receives her First Holy Communion and second sister Pauline makes her final profession at the Carmelite Convent.
Therese is confirmed.
1885 Age 12 May 17~21 Retreat: Enters a period (18 months) of scrupulosity.
1886 Age 13 October 7
October 15
December 1
December 25
Third sister Leonie joins Poor Clare Monastery.
Oldest sister Marie enters Carmelite Convent.
Third Sister leaves Poor Clare monastery.
After midnight Mass, Therese experiences the grace of "complete conversion," being freed from the excessive sensitivity of her childhood.
1887 Age 14 May 1

May 29


July 16
September 1

October 31

December 20
Father suffers from stroke and become paralysed for the first time.
Pentecost – Therese obtains her father’s permission to enter the Carmelite Convent at the age of 15.
Therese meditates before a picture of Jesus on the cross and confirmed in her vocation of evangelization.
Third sister Leonie enters the Visitation Convent.
Reads in the magazine “La Croix” the account of the execution of Pranzini and his conversion.
Visits to Most Rev. Hugonin, Bishop of Bayeux, to obtain his permission to enter the Carmelite Convent.
Audience with Pope Leo XIII. Therese presents her petition to His Holiness for allowing her to enter Carmelite monastery
1888 Age 15 January 1
April 9
Therese is told of Bishop Hugonin’s approval to enter the Carmelites Convent.
Therese enters the Carmel at Lisieux.
In the Carmelite Convent at Lisieux
    June 23

End of Oct
October 31
Therese’s father Louis Martin afflicted by increasing arteriosclerosis that affects his mental capacities, runs away from home to Le Havre.
Therese is approved to receive the habit.
Father suffers from mental illness again.
1889 Age 16 January 10
February 12
Therese takes the habit on a day of snowing, spending happy times with her father for the last time.
Father is admitted to the Bon Sauveur Hospital at Caen.
1890 Age 17 August 28 ~ September 8 Private retreat before Profession. Instead of consolation, she suffers darkness and dryness.
    September 8

September 24
Takes religious profession, but father is not there. Therese understands any important dates is to be passed soon.
‘Takes the veil’ but her father is not in the ceremony to give the final blessing to his ‘Little Princess’
1891 Age 18 December 5 Mother Genevieve, founder of the Camel at Lisieux, dies.
1892 Age 19 May 10
May 12
Father is brought back to Lisieux.
Father last visit to the Carmelite Convent.
1893 Age 20 February 20

June 24
Sr. Agnes (2nd elder sister Pauline) is elected Prioress of the Carmelite Convent. Therese is assigned to assist in the spiritual formation of the Novices.
Third elder sister, Leonie, makes a second try at the Visitation Convent in Caen.
1894 Age 21 July 29
September 14
End of December
Father dies.
Céline (4th elder sister) enters the Carmelite Convent.
Under the orders of her by her Prioress, Therese begins to write her « Memoir of Childhood ».
1895 Age 22   A year of writing her « Memoir of Childhood » (Manuscript A).
    June 9 Feast of the Most Holy Trinity: St. Therese is inspired in Mass, to offer herself to the Merciful Love of God.
    June 11
July 20
August 15
During Stations of the Cross, She strongly feels the “wound of love”.
Third sister Leonie leaves the Visitation Convent again.
Cousin Marie Guerin enters the Carmelite Convent.
    October 17 The Prioress entrusts a seminarian, Bellière, to Therese as her spiritual brother (to support his missionary work by her prayer ad sacrifice). (Bellière later becomes a priest, who goes to Africa for missionary work).
1896 Age 23 January 20
March 21

April 2

April 3
Submits her “Manuscript A” to her Prioress.
Mother Marie de Gonzague is re-elected Prioress, but not without challenges.
Holy Thursday: Her first haemoptysis (coughing of blood, due to tuberculosis).
On nightfall: Her second haemoptysis.
    April 5 Easter: Suddenly enters a state of spiritual darkness until her death
    May 30 Therese is asked by her Prioress Mother Marie de Gonzague to help Fr Roulland, who becomes her second spiritual brother at the Society of Foreign Missions.
    July 3

September 8
September 13 ~16
Father Roulland celebrates Mass at the Carmelites and meets Therese for the first time.
Writes ‘Manuscript B’ (dedicated to Jesus).
Dedicates the first section of ‘Manuscript B’ to her eldest sister Sr Agnes.
    November Reads the biography of Theophane Venard and asks the intercession of this martyr saint for the grace to become a missionary.
1897 Age 24

April 6

Towards the ends of Lent: Seriously ill
Starts writing her « Last Conversations »
    June 3

July 8

July 30
August 29
September 30
October 4
Prioress Gonzague orders her to continue writing her « memoir », which is “Manuscript C”.
Moves to infirmity, suffers haemoptysis until August 5.
Receives the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.
Receives Holy Eucharist for the last time.
Dies on Thursday, around 7:20pm, after two days of acute pain.
Buried in the Cemetery at Lisieux.