Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Council Election 2019 - 2021
Nomination Form 2019 - 2021 (Appendix 2)

Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council Chairman/President: Rev. Gabriel Altamirano Ortega
Parish Pastoral Council President: Mr. Dominic Yim
Parish Pastoral Council Vice President: Ms. Janny Wong
Ms. Vera Ching
On Duty on Sunday: Sunday 8am-2pm

To assist the parish clergy to promote the work of evangelization and parish activities, liaison and co-ordinate committees and different groups within the parish, to promote and encourage to practice the role of the Gospel in today's society.

Meeting Schedule:

Executive Council Meeting: Every 2nd Monday of even Month 7:15pm

Executive Council & Members Meeting : Every 2nd Monday of odd Month 7:15pm

Parish Pastoral Council Committee, Special Task

(A) Parish Finance Committee:
Responsibility: To assist the parish priest, monitoring and coordinating the financial affairs of the parish
(B) Golden Jubilee Charity Foundation Committee:
Responsibility: Responsible for co-ordinate and manage the Golden Jubilee Charitable Foundation earnings and interest, allocate and distribute to different committee and religious groups
(C) Parish Communication Committee:
Responsibility: Release Catholic Church and Parish news, promote faith sharing, exchange of experiences
(D) Maintenance Committee:
Responsibility: To assist the parish buildings and church maintenance / Design and construction matters
(E) Special Communion Delivery Committee:
Responsibility: Delivery of the Eucharist assist the parish priest in the Sunday Eucharist; Sunday and weekday to go to homes for the elderly, Hospitals and sick houses of the faithful delivery of the Eucharist

Parish Pastoral Council Committee

Definition The panel set up by the Parish Council in accordance with the needs of the parish, To assist in the planning and execution of the decision of the Parliament. Include: Nuture Group, Evangelization group, Ceremony Etiquette Group, Caring Community Group, Recreation Group, Youth Group, English Group
(A) Liturgy Group: Mr. Lee Ping Yin
Mission: Assist and organize the administrate the flow of the ceremony
(B) Evangelization Group: Ms. Betty Leung
Mission: Promote the activity within the perish and spread the Gospel
(C) Formation Group: Ms. Jenny Au
Mission: Assist to strengthen the faith.
(D) Caring Commnity Group: Ms. Emily Ng
Mission: Assist the parish to spread the spirit of the church.
(E) Entertainment Group: Ms. Teresa Lau
(F) Youth Group: Ms. Winnie So
Mission: Help building the faith within the Youth Group
(G) English Group: Ms. Grace Szeto
Mission: Asist the parish to stay connected with the foreign speaking group and responsible for the Sunday Class for the kids

Parish Pastoral Council Committee

Council Meeting  
Member Include :
(1) Standing Member: Director of priests, assistant priests, permanent deacons, pastoral nun, full-time catechists.
(2) Committee Representative: Parish approved committees / organizations / groups representatives
(3) Appointed Member: Those who are directly appointed by Chief Priest
Director Council Meeting  
Chairman/President: Rev. Gabriel Altamirano Ortega
President: Mr. Dominic Yim
Vice President: Ms. Janny Wong
Ms. Vera Ching
Secretary: Ms. Anna Law
Treasurer: Ms. Kitty Kong
Officier: Ms. Josephine Poon
Mr. Brandon Cheung
Ms. Teresa Kwan
Mr. Hughes Tang
Mr. Thomas Tu
Mr. Magos Wong
Financial Committee: Mr. Andrew Chan
Committee Officier:
(Group Leader)
Ceremony Etiquette   
Evangelization group   
Nuture Group   
Caring Community Group   
Entertainment Group   
Youth Group   
English Group   

Mr. Lee
Ms. Betty Leung
Ms. Jenny Au
Ms. Emily Ng
Ms. Teresa Lau
Ms. Winnie So
Mr. Dominic Yim