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Date Events
September 1931 Construction work of the Church commenced.
23 April 1932 Bishop Henry Valtorta officiated at the dedication and the laying of foundation stone ceremony.
18 December 1932 The official opening.
Rev. A Granelli was the first Parish Priest.
1934 St. Teresa’s Church was promoted to "Quasi Parish".
1936 A famous haunted house “Statue Villa” at Prince Edward Road was bought by The Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres and converted it into today’s St Teresa’s Hospital.  The hospital was completed on 14 September 1940 and blessed by Bishop Henry Valtorta.
1941 to 1945
World War II
- With God’s blessing, the Church was not damaged during the Japanese attack.
- The bell tower and all the rooms were used to store the belongings of those who took refuge in Macau and the Mainland.
- The Church’s bronze bell, all gold altar equipment and even the gold cross worn by the bishop were sold to help the needy.
- 25 December 1945 the congregation happily celebrated the first peaceful and merry Christmas after war.

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary established St Rose of Lima’s School and its convent at Embankment Road.

- St. Teresa’s Church was officially promoted to the status of Parish.
- 16 August was a big day for the church to welcome the relic of the right arm of St Francis of Assisi which stopped at the church for a few hours.  Many faithful came to make pilgrimage.
- The Parish set up its first legion of Mary “Queen of Peace Praesidium” and another Chinese legion “The Immaculate Heart of Mary Praesidium”.
The building of the Parish priest’s residence commenced and completed on 2 February 1954.  Bishop Bianchi officiated at the opening ceremony.
1954 8 December was declared as the Immaculate Heart of Mary Feast Day.  All staff and students of the schools within the parish district took turn to sing at the hourly high masses.
The Parish celebrated its silver jubilee.
The Second Vatican Council led the change of the Latin masses to Cantonese in the Parish.
Rev. Colombo assumed the post of Parish Priest and celebrated his silver jubilee.
On 29 February, bishops from Germany officiated at the opening of the adjacent Caritas Building.
The building of the Waterloo Road flyover caused the 116 ft tall bell tower of the church to slant.
On 17 July, Rev. Francis Wong was appointed as the first Chinese Parish Priest.
From June, Rev Melchiorre Arnoldi conducted the Parish census.
- 20 April, the parish held the first “Apostolate Day”.
- 1 June, Cardinal John Wu blessed the statue of St Christopher at the left hand corner of the church.
1982 The Parish celebrated its golden jubilee.
1992 The Parish celebrated its 60th Anniversary.  Mass was held to ordain Rev John Lim and Rev Solio(蘇里奧神父).
1989 Rev Melchiorre Arnoldi celebrated his silver jubilee.
1991 The church completed the air-conditioning installation works in August.  The works cost $7.5 million.
1993 Rev. Francis Wong passed away at the age of 60 and Rev. Gabriel Lam was appointed as the Parish Priest.
1994 The Parish held the census in March.
1995 Mother Teresa visited the Church in March.
1996 - Rev Gabriel Lam led a pilgrimage to Europe in July.
- The Church underwent a major renovation from October to March in the following year.  The cost was $2.5 million.
1997 The Parish celebrated its 65th Anniversary and commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the death of St. Teresa.
1998 Rev John B Lam celebrated his golden jubilee.
2000 In April, the relic of St. Teresa arrived in Hong Kong.  It was placed at the Church for veneration for 3 days.
2001 Rev Antonio Formenti celebrated his golden jubilee.

- The Parish celebrated its 70th Anniversary.
- From February to September, the Church and the parish Building underwent major renovation works at a cost of $3.5 million.
- In September, Rev Gabriel lam celebrated his 35th anniversary.
-Rev Vincenzo Carbone celebrated his golden jubilee.

October 2004 - Rev. Ferdinand Lok was appointed as the Parish Priest.
- Bishop Joseph Zen appointed Mr Francis Tse, a parishioner to be a permanent deacon to serve in this parish.

- The back altar of the Church was rebuilt.  The background was a mosaic with rainbow clouds and rain of roses symbolizing the blessings from St Teresa.
- The Parish celebrated its 75th Anniversary.

2010 Over 330 catechists were baptized on Holy Saturday, being a record high of the Parish.
October 2010 Rev. Joseph Mak was appointed as the Parish Priest
31 December 2011 The relics of the parents of St. Teresa, Blessed Louis Martin and Marie Zelie Guerin, were placed in permanent custody (OR permanently housed) in St. Teresa’s Church for veneration.
2012 The Parish celebrated its 80th Anniversary.
29 September 2012 The relic of St. Teresa was placed in permanent custody (OR permanently housed) in St. Teresa’s Church for veneration.
September 2015 Rev. Peter Leung was appointed as the Parish Priest