community_book My friend, welcome to the website of St. Teresa’s Church Hong Kong. Through this platform, we hope to share with you our lives in the Catholic Church and more to appeal for your participation! We hope to let you know that Jesus loves you. Who’s Jesus? Come and see! We will surely let you know more about Him! We emphasize on our spiritual nourishment and, therefore, this website also provides information about the arrangements for the holy sacraments, including the details of masses, holy matrimony, infant baptism, children and adult catechism as well as our “monthly retreat” on the first Saturdays. No matter how busy you are, there is time for Jesus. Our Parish was established in 1932. While there are many outstanding people in this community, we are all sinners by and large. Yet we are fortunate to have experienced the same but unique forgiveness from our dear Jesus Christ. Guided by this experience of reconciliation, we aim high by doing small things with great love. Love endures all! Welcome again, my friend!